Wasserwaage 603.106-130 EL 130

EL 130

Spirit level for electricians ideal for optimum positioning of sockets and switches

  • Precise identification of distances between sockets with marking aids at intervals
  • Perfect for quick, accurate installation of electrical equipment
  • 2 impact-resistant acrylic glass block vials, horizontal and vertical
  • Easily locate switches at the correct height
  • Useful 2% slope marking on the horizontal acrylic glass block vial
  • Good profile protection due to shock-absorbing, rubberised end caps
  • Robust aluminium profile
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Marked intervals make this spirit level the perfect option for precise positioning of sockets and switches. These include four markings at distances of 71 mm and 91 mm as well as height references of 30 cm, 105 cm and 115 cm. The robust aluminium tube profile has two impact-resistant acrylic glass block vials, one vertical and one horizontal, with a useful 2% slope marking. Other benefits include the high measuring accuracy and shock-absorbing end caps which provide effective protection for the profile and the spirit level properties.

Additional information

Dimensions (W x H x D)

470 x 50 x 20 mm


850 g

Measuring accuracy

< 0.5 mm/m in normal position


1 horizontal vial
1 vertical vial

End caps


Measuring surface

double-sided coating


aluminium profile


660 g/m
1.8 mm wall thickness