You can cut through tough materials with ease with the powerful utility safety knives from 4K5 Better Equipment. These products feature stainless-steel blades, easy handling and first-class cutting results. An ergonomic design and easy storage options make work even easier.


TK 100TK 101TK 104TK 110CTK 200TK 300PK 71PK 74C
VersionFolding knifeFolding knifeFolding knifeFolding knifefixed blade knifeUtility knifeFolding knifeFolding knife
GrindSerrated grind
partially smooth ground
smooth grounddouble-sideddouble-sideddouble-sideddouble-sideddouble-sideddouble-sided
Blade opentwo-handedtwo-handedtwo-handedtwo-handedtwo-handedtwo-handedtwo-handed
Blade shapeDrop-point bladeHawkbill BladeDrop-point bladeUtility bladeDrop-point bladeTrapezoidal bladeHawkbill BladeDrop-point blade
Lock typeLiner lockLiner lockLiner lockBacklockfixedButton lockLiner lockLiner lock
Blade material420SS420SS420SS440C420SSSK5420SS440C
Handle materialPP + GF15PP + GF15PP + GF15PP + GF15PP + GF15 + TPRPP + GF15PP + GF15PP + GF15
Rockwell hardness (±1)52 – 54 HRC52 – 54 HRC52 – 54 HRC57 HRC52 – 54 HRC61 HRC52 - 54 HRC57 HRC
Coating / finishblack coatingblack coatingSatin finishSatin finishblack coatingSatin finishSatin finishSatin finish
Toolsbottle openerbottle opener
Carrying optionNylon holsterNylon holsterNylon holsterNylon holsterPlastic sheathNylon holster
Number of replacement blades5 pieces
Handle length122 mm123 mm122 mm112 mm133 mm110 mm91 mm92 mm
Handle width30,8 mm30,8 mm30,8 mm33 mm44,6 mm29 mm38 mm37 mm
Handle thickness (without clip)14,7 mm14,7 mm14,7 mm14 mm19 mm16 mm13 mm15 mm
Blade length81 mm57 mm81 mm74 mm120 mm61 mm52 mm62 mm
Blade width28 mm25 mm28 mm27 mm30.5 mm18.8 mm24 mm26 mm
blade thickness2,8 mm2,8 mm2,8 mm3 mm3,7 mm0.6 mm3 mm3 mm
length closed122 mm123 mm122 mm117 mm255 mm111 mm91 mm92 mm
length open203 mm180 mm203 mm185 mm255 mm171 mm144 mm157 mm
Overall length203 mm180 mm203 mm185 mm255 mm171 mm144 mm157 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D)36 x 122 x 21 mm (closed)45 x 123 x 22 mm (closed)38 x 122 x 21 mm (closed)37 x 112 x 18 mm (closed)45 x 255 x 19 mm36 x 110 x 25 mm (closed)38 x 91 x 18 mm (closed)37 x 92 x 18 mm (closed)
Weight120 g110 g110 g110 g160 g120 g75 g71 g