603.102-60 Wasserwaage
603.102-60 Wasserwaage


High-quality and easy to read spirit level for professional builders

  • Easy to read due to the magnifying lens in the horizontal acrylic glass block vial and the extra sight glass in the vertical acrylic glass block vial
  • High measuring accuracy for standard and overhead measurements
  • Good profile protection due to shock-absorbing, rubberised end caps
  • Rubberised end stop prevents slippage on walls

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This high-quality spirit level is perfect for professional builders. It allows precise horizontal and vertical alignment to be achieved. An additional sight glass provides the user with optimum visibility of the vertical vial when placed against a vertical surface. Readings are therefore more accurate and easier compared to conventional spirit levels. Shock-absorbing end caps protect the profile and the properties of the spirit level. Rubberised end stops securely prevent slippage on walls.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Measuring accuracy

< 0.5 mm/m in normal position
< 0.75 mm/m in overhead position


1 horizontal vial
1 vertical vial

End caps


Wall slip stopper


Measuring surface

double-sided coating


aluminium profile


620 g/m
1.7 mm wall thickness


shockproof acrylic block vial
magnified horizontal vial