Zollstock 606.105-2 FR2X FoldingRuler 2 m


Sturdy folding rule with integral angle gauge with increments of 10 marked in white and yellow

  • Time-saving reading due to alternately white and yellow coloured increments
  • Robust wooden profile with easy to read figures and scale
  • Integral angle gauge for aligning fixed slopes
  • Precise, high-quality locking joints prevent inaccurate measurements
  • Durable coating protects against moisture and dirt
  • Metal end caps prevent wear
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This folding rule has a sturdy wooden profile and is extremely easy to read due to the alternating white and yellow increments of 10. The integral angle gauge allows alignment of fixed slopes such as 45° or 90°. The joints lock at 180° and at right angles. This is particularly useful for marking accurate perpendicular lines on a workpiece for subsequent sawing or cutting to length. It also has a durable coating for protection against moisture and dirt.

Additional information

Dimensions (W x H x D)

235 mm x 35 mm x 16 mm


96 g

Overall length

2 m

number of links


color limbs

white / yellow

material limbs




units scale

mm, cm

material joint


Material fitting


Accuracy class

II in accordance with MID guideline